Welcome to PropertyScout

An affordable driving for dollars system that gives you total control


Designed to make driving for dollars and managing bird dogs as easy as possible

Quickly collect and tag properties

You and your bird dogs will be able to submit properties in seconds. No apps to download, no accounts to create, all they need is a link to your unique submission site.

Lower recruitment time

PropertyScout gives you all the tools you need to recruit bird dogs en-masse. You'll have a steady stream of high quality real estate leads in no time.

Get owner data

When addresses are submitted to you, you'll automatically get the name and mailing address of the homeowner, so you can send mail immediately.

Analytics and quality control

You'll be able to monitor the quality, timing, and quantity your incoming driving for dollars leads. 


Your leads are put right into a Google sheet, so you can easily share and manage inbound leads with your team, systems, and VAs.

First-class support

When you need help, you'll talk with a real developer from our small team. 

How it works

PropertyScout is built to make it easy to drive for dollars, hire bird dogs to find properties for you, and handle driving for dollars leads at any scale.

You find bird dogs

Friends, family, pizza delivery drivers, rideshare drivers, mailpeople. Anyone who comes across distressed properties can be a bird dog for you. We give you resources to quickly onboard new drivers.

Drive for dollars!

You or your bird dogs will hit the road with the PropertyScout submission website open. You won't need to spend time on data entry or research at home.

Your leads are ready

Submitted leads will be organized into a Google spreadsheet as they come in. Owner data, street view, submitted pictures, and condition tags are all added. You'll be able to send mail or skip trace without any extra steps.

Live demo

See for yourself what PropertyScout can do and how it works. No registration or obligation.

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Investors like you are finding deals every day with PropertyScout. This is what they have to say

Chris H, Madison WI


Bethany, OKlahoma

PropertyScout helps me efficiently manage my driving for dollars leads. I no longer waste time driving in circles or missing out on new streets that may have had the next motivated seller. I love that PropertyScout automatically pulls the owner's information and mailing addresses into a spreadsheet. This gives me a head start to begin skip tracing. I recommend PropertyScout for anyone looking to simplify their driving for dollars leads, at a great price.


New york City, new york

Katie and Noah have created a game changer with this excellent app- PropertyScout. This driving for dollars app definitely over delivers with team submissions. It's very user firnedly, and intuitive. I really enjoy using this app which is bigger than the Real Estate Game. Can't wait to see where you take next. Thanks Katie and Noah. 🔥🔥


ISLIP, New york

I have been using PropertyScout since it was in beta, and it has been meeting and exceeding my expectations. The ability to be able to capture the address on my phone allows me to be more productive and use my time wisely. Imagine how difficult this could be if you had to write down the address then skip trace, who has time for that? Not me. Thanks Noah for all your hard work and I like it when you update the program, it show that you understand the Real Estate Investor mind set.

Only $19.99/month

Includes unlimited bird dogs, 1500 free owner lookups per month, support, and access to the PropertyScout network. Compare that to other driving for dollars apps!