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Thank you for checking this site out! We're a central-florida based investment company with experience wholesaling and landlording. We're also the creators of a driving for dollars app called PropertyScout, which is designed to make driving for dollars and managing bird dogs easy and affordable. We've found some amazing automation strategies that have helped us scale up, and we're here to share what we've learned with you, all for free.


How to drive for dollars

A good starting point for learning how to collect driving for dollars leads. This is a good resource for investors or bird dogs.

How to scale up your driving for dollars operation

You already know how valuable driving for dollars leads are, this article will help you build an army of bird dogs that feed you all the leads you need.

Mostly automated, high response direct mail

How we do our direct mail, maintaining a good balance between cost, efficiency, and with a sky-high response rate.

(WIP) How to automate your follow-up system

This is the secret sauce of our business. A technical and practical guide to building a robust follow-up machine that will work in the background to bring in calls from sellers.

How to set up a basic Podio CRM

Start here if you want to prepare your business for managing leads, appointments, and marketing.

How to set up the welcome page for your bird dogs

A practical guide on adding to your PropertyScout welcome page to increase recruitment rate and communicate with you

About PropertyScout's owner data

Where we get the ownership names and mailing addresses that end up in your PropertyScout leads.

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