Address fixer

A free, google-based application that helps fix address issues.

What is this?

This program can help fix a list of addresses that is inconsistently formatted or missing important data. It uses google sheets and the google maps platform to correct address formatting issue to solve a variety of list management issues that would normally be outsourced to a VA.

If you have the following problems...

  • Addresses that are inconsistent
  • Addresses without city/state/zip data
  • Addresses with city/state/zip all in the same row
  • Addresses that may be missing prefixes or suffixes that are needed for mailing
  • Address fixer can help!

    If you still need owner's info in bulk, reach out for a batch appraiser scraper program built for your county.

    Check it out in action!

    You need to be logged into your google account on your browser for the tool to load correctly.


    The page says the app is unsafe?
    Click "advanced" and "continue". This warning shows up because this tool is not created by google and hasn't been reviewed by their security standards yet. None of your information is collected or recorded at

    The program stopped adding or changing data before the end of the spreadsheet?
    There are usage restrictions in place and enforced by google to prevent abuse of their system. The exact limitations are detailed on the tool's page. If the program stopped unexpectedly and you've been using it heavily, you may need to wait 24 hours for the quota to reset.

    Need to get in touch?

    Contact Noah
    (386) 301-3834